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Transportation to Istanbul New Airport with TAXI – isl airport Istanbul
At the Istanbul New Airport, there are 660 taxis in the first place. This number will increase as the airport capacity increases.
Taxi drivers who will work at the airport have to know at least A1 level English. The vehicles that will serve you have to be luxury, commercial or sedan type. In addition, information about the journey will be informed instantly when you get in the taxi. In each taxi, travel screens will provide information about driver information, road route, traffic information and much more.
There are still many questions about how to get the airport and what will be the taxi fees. You may have to pay higher taxi fares than before for this airport, which is quite outside of the city center in the first place (until the public transportation has increased). According to the current taxi prices in Istanbul, the approximate taxi prices are as follows:

Isl Airport Istanbul- Istanbul Airport Taxi Deals

Our advice for you to choose a vip transer company, like our company. This will be cheaper, securely and easier for you. But if you still wonder the taxi prices, you can see the taxi prices for Istanbul airport below. Thus you can compare our prices with the taxi prices. You will see that our vip transfer will be cheaper for you. Istanbul Airport approximate taxi prices listed for you below:

- It is 73 km-210 TL from Kadıköy (E-5), 67 km - 190 TL from TEM.
- 45 km-120 TL from Bakırköy (E-5), 46 km-120 TL from TEM
- 40 km-110 TL from Taksim (E-5), 50 km-130 TL from TEM
- From Sarıyer (E-5) 43 km-120 TL, if you go to TEM 37 km-100 TL
- From Büyükçekmece (E-5) 57 km- 150 TL, if it is via TEM 60 km-160 TL