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With our vip transfer company,, you can get quality service to go between Istanbul Airport hotel distance securely and fast. The most quality service, smiling staff and cheapest tariff always on The best Istanbul Airport Hotel service only on our web site. Okay you came to Istanbul and want to see some places. We have prepared an article for you themed Blue Mosque. Detail below.

Places to see in Istanbul- Istanbul Airport Hotel
Today we will talk about the Blue Mosque. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and spans two continents. As a city between the Orient and the Occident, it is often referred to as a city due to its special geographic location. Istanbul is marked by its long history, which has always been between the continents.
For almost 1600 years, it served successively the Roman, the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire as the capital. Today you will find in the city on the strait between black and Mediterranean, a large number of historic buildings and features that are left over from those days. We want to talk about the Blue Mosque now.

Blue Mosque Introduction - Istanbul Airport Hotel
It is actually called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, but most people probably know it as the Blue Mosque. The 17th century building owes its name to the blue and white tiles that dominate the interior of the building. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. That is why a visit to this attraction of Istanbul is mandatory.
Inside, you'll be greeted by ornate and intricately decorated domes and walls, against which many ornate Catholic churches can not compete. The main dome is about 43 meters high and a total of 260 windows let light from outside into the mosque.

Istanbul Airport Hotel and Blue Mosque
The special feature of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul are its six minarets. The number allegedly goes back to a misunderstanding between architect and sultan. He had demanded that the minarets be made of gold.
Our tip: Use the visitor entrance for your inspection. Also note the dress code. You should definitely cover your shoulders, men should wear long pants and women should also not wear short skirts or shorts and cover their head. If you do not have such clothing with you, you can borrow it at the visitors entrance. You have to take off your shoes. For these you will receive plastic bags.
Hours: These are correct after the prayer times. If you hear the muezzin calling, the mosque will be closed for about 30 minutes. In addition, tourists are not welcome on Friday in the Blue Mosque.

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