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Architecture of the New Airport of Istanbul-Turkey

Sinan, the Ottoman exceptional architect, reinforced the foundation of the Süleymaniye with piles because of the huge weight and let the cement dry very slowly. Only after the foundation had settled and he considered it earthquake-proof, he let build up. The construction of the major airport in the north of Istanbul was also an engineering challenge.
The site was full of water holes, as coal was once mined here. The underground had to be filled with 750 million cubic meters of earth. Skeptics expressed to the last doubt in the stability of the foundations.

New Airport of Istanbul – Istanbul Airport
The old airport, Atatürk Airport, was located on the Marmara Sea in the south of the 15-million metropolis, the new airport was built at the opposite end of the city, close to the Black Sea. Nature conservationists objected to this location near Istanbul's water reservoirs. Criticized was the cutting down of 657 000 trees. The number comes from an opinion of the Turkish Ministry of the Environment.
Aeronautical experts also expressed concern because it is often windier on the Black Sea than in the south and migratory bird swarms pass through here. There were several lawsuits in court, in the end the government won. Five construction companies were awarded the contract, they are considered close to the government, they also form the operating company of airport.

New Airport of Turkey: Istanbul Airport

The new airport, Istanbul Airport, is eight times bigger than the old one. "We have a geographical advantage," said Istanbul Airport CEO, Mr. Samsunlu before the opening of the building. The distance from London via Istanbul to Mumbai is simply shorter than that from London via Dubai to India. By 2023, when the Turkish Republic will be 100 years old, Samsunlu says it will "give at least 100 million passengers".

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