Opening of new istanbul airport

Paylaşım Tarihi : 28.05.2019 20:09

Opening of New Istanbul Airport in Turkey
Opening of new Istanbul airport was not easy but it has been awesome at final. We want to share the details with you about this interesting journey. The airport, a "monument of victory" for the government. The schedule was probably too tight, even by Turkish standards. The laying of the cornerstone took place in June 2014. At that time, the Gezi protests were not long past. In the summer of 2013, thousands of Istanbulers had tried to save a small park in front of the building in the center of Istanbul. This is where Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then prime minister and today president, failed with his construction project.

Opening of New Istanbul Airport of Turkey -3rd Airport in Istanbul
The airport was officially opened in a ceremony by Erdoğan after only four years of construction on October 29, 2018, the Republic holiday. But the same date planned move from the old to the new airport had to be postponed, only at the end of the year, then on March and finally on the first weekend of April. The explanation was only mentioned, Turkish Airlines need a little more time.

Opening of New Istanbul Airport is Realized on 20.05.2019 date

From the end of October to the beginning of April, there were already a limited number of domestic and some international flights every day, a kind of test run. Nowadays the with the opening of new Istanbul Airport, thousands of passengers and staff living in this great building. Turkey had a uniqe world-wide value now: Istanbul Airport.